In April 2017 the Yeovil Town Band hit financial difficulty following a "notice to quit" on its rehearsal facility the previous September and so the Band decided that it needed to regroup before the it folded for good.

All paid-up members agreed that the main priority was to continue playing as an ensemble, no matter where the band was located or what the band was called. After many conversations, and a few meetings, Glastonbury Brass arrived.

Haiku Salut

Glastonbury Brass is featured twice on the Haiku Salut album There Is No Elsewhere (2018) and can be heard in the tracks Cold To Crack The Stones and The More And Moreness. Haiku Salut were looking for Brass Bands to work with and we became involved as the father of one of their friends was a member of the Band. The Band recorded its contribution to the album in January 2017.

Johnny Mars

On the 8th February 2020, Johnny Mars launched his "Dare to Dream" project in Glastonbury Town Hall to raise awareness of the effects mankind is having on the world. We joined Mars, as well as the Glastonbury Male Voice Choir, performing at the event.

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